Feds study 'trusted traveler' plan Would give some fliers quick screening

Dallas Morning News

Nov. 27, 2002

WASHINGTON - A "trusted traveler" program could move selected passengers more quickly through security checkpoints, the General Accounting Office said Tuesday.

However, the GAO said a number of issues remain unresolved, including who would be eligible for the program and the types of background checks and screening measures.

The report supports the concept.

Under the program, passengers seeking to register with the government would agree to undergo background checks. Those who passed "would receive a unique identifier or card that enables them to be screened more quickly," the GAO said. This, in turn, would allow the Transportation Security Administration to use its limited resources more efficiently.

GAO officials said most people and industries consulted supported the concept.

John Magaw, former head of the security agency, opposes the program because of the potential that members of terrorist "sleeper cells" could build a law-abiding record and qualify for a trusted traveler plan.

the webmaster suspects the only "trusted travelers" will be government goons and their friends

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